Medium Dog Crate Cabinet

Solid Pine / Painted White / Stained Top

Additional Color Options Available

Black Smooth Iron Rods / Hinges / Latches

34" L x 26" W/D x 30" H

Fits  - Up to 50 lb Dog 

Custom Fitted Rail Door Dog Crate Cabinet with a Side Cabinet

for Storage  - Ramp Optional

Solid Maple - Custom Stain to Match Kitchen Cabinets

70" L X 24" D X 36" H

Fits up to 65 lb Dog

Custom Double Corner Fit Dog Crate Cabinet

Hand Painted Top to Match Kitchen Counters

Double Entry  - Gate Divider

72" L X 24" D X 36" H

Fits up to two 50lb Dogs

Custom Triple Dog Crate Cabinet with End Cabinet for Storage 

Ramp Optional

144" L X 24" D X 36" H

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